The landscape design process starts when a change is needed. Long before you call our office the process began with you. Maybe you had visions of sitting outside in the evening having dinner with the family on your new patio or you are fed up with the consistently wet area of your yard. We are here to help.


With our experience and knowledge stretching back prior to 1982 we structure the construction process to each specific site and project. No two projects or properties are the same, no matter how similar the properties may appear. So we carefully plan out the construction site so not to disturb more than needed.


Our Lawn Maintenance teams can help you in almost all facets of your lawn and landscape. Our trained lawn mowing and lawn application crews will have your lawn green and trim like clockwork. Need flexibility in your mowing schedule, then call to be skipped for one week or be put on an every other week schedule.

IMG_2910Vermont Gardenscape was founded in 2015 by Mike LoSchiavo out of Corinth Vermont and soon operations expanded to include Waterbury and Stowe Areas. Mike founded this company as he had a passion for the beauty of landscaping and helping others embrace his love for horticulture.