Landscaping Services

We continue our desire to learn in order to grow our ability to assist homeowners and businesses in our area. Our list of landscaping services is not limited to the following seen here. If you have another need that is not listed here, call Mike to see how he can help or get you the help that you need.

  • Landscape & Garden design, installation & maintenance
  • Water Feature installation, repair, maintenance
  • Minor excavation and deep garden reclamation projects
  • Hardscapes

The landscape design process starts when a change is needed.  Whether reclaiming the beauty that once was, or making a vision happen, you will have the opportunity to meet with Mike one on one and he will develop a plan onsite and provide a free estimate.  The end result will have your wishes, expectations and demands mixed with all of the proper care needed to have your ideas become real. 


  • Patios, Walls and Walkways
  • New and Renovated Planting Beds
  • Ponds, Fountains and Waterfalls
  • Natural Stone Steppers
  • Raised and Terraced Gardens

Its important to structure a plan to our client’s site.  Clean fill, composting and carbon reduced gardening can be achieved by anyone…. with a little help.  Fully insured, we offer services to residentials, second homes, vacation rentals, or Resorts, business offices, municipalities in the greater Waterbury Center/Stowe area, we carefully plan out a schedule so that your peace is preserved and business activities can operate as usual.  

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